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What is Love?

Verse of the Day

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Sunday, 10 January 2010 19:30

Step 5


Gods Voice


Learning how to hear Gods voice and to read His word daily, is very important, in your walk with God.


Were going to teach you how to hear Gods voice and to know the difference between Gods voice, the enemies and your own feelings, how to know the differences between a lie and Gods truths. Jesus declared, “This is eternal life – that they may know God” (Jn. 17:2). Unfortunately, many in the Church miss the great blessing of fellowship with our Lord because we have lost the ability to recognize His voice within us. Though we have the promise that “My sheep hear My voice,” too many believers are starved for that intimate relationship that alone can satisfy the desire of their hearts. Let us start by looking at some points: 


He can speak to you through His word


Whereby when one is busy with ones devotional time ,passages will just leap of from the bible.


    He can speak with you through nature 

Romans 1:20 (New International Version)

20For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have


 been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Psalm 19:1-4 (King James Version)

1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.2Day unto day

 uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.3There is no speech nor language, where their

voice is not heard.4Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.

In them  hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,

He can speak to you through other people 


Sometimes people will give you a prophetic word that is directly from God, but always test the word you receive to the bible.


He can speak to you through the flowing of thoughts and emotions


Sometimes you will start your devotional time with God and suddenly you will get this inflow of thoughts.Elijah described it as a still, small voice (I Kings 19:12 ),Paul knew the sound of God speaking to him .. I had always listened for an inner audible voice, and God does speak that way at times. However, I have found that usually, God's voice comes as spontaneous thoughts, visions, feelings, or impressions.


It is very important that one always measures the voice or thoughts you hear with God's love and the cross of Jesus, meaning that if the voice doesn't build one up but instead tears one down, then that voice is not from God but from the enemy.

Experience indicates that we perceive spirit-level communication as spontaneous thoughts, impressions and visions, and Scripture confirms this in many ways.


He can speak to you through Dreams, visions and Angels


God speaks in a Audible voice to His children


Knowing God through the Bible is a vital foundation to hearing His voice in your heart, one must have a solid commitment to knowing and obeying the Scriptures. Lets try to simplify the process for you:


1.  First go to a quiet place in the house, close the door behind you and put off all cell phones, radios, televisions that can hinder your focus.


2.  Sit at a table and be comfortable


3.  Make sure you have a pen and paper at hand and off course your bible (please try to get a older version bible example 1983)


4.  Close your eyes and start picturing yourself at your happy place (happy place can be anywhere were you feel safe)


5.  Loving God through a quiet worship song is one very effective way to become still. Keep your eyes closed and imagine that the Lord is in front of you and speaking to you.


6.  Suddenly there will come thoughts into your mind and start writing them down(always test the words coming in to your mind to the Lords word, His word is just Love and what you hear from Him, will always speak of things in the future and it  will always build you up and not brake one down)


7.  Always cross reverence the word you receive, if it’s not in love or is not in line with the Bible it’s not from God.


8.  Practice makes perfect.


Isaiah 55:8 – 13

“Indeed,my plans are not like your plans,and my deeds are not like your deeds,5:9 for just as the sky is


 higher than the earth,so my deeds are superior to your deeds and my plans superior to your plans.55:10

  The rain and snow fall from the sky and do not return,but instead water the earth and make it produce

 and yield crops,and provide seed for the planter and food for those who must eat.55:11 In the same way, the promise that I make does not return to me, having accomplished nothing.No, it is realized as I desire and is fulfilled as I intend.”55:12 Indeed you will go out with joy;you will be led along in peace;the mountains and hills will give a joyful shout before you,and all the trees in the field will clap their hands.55:13 Evergreens will grow in place of thorn bushes,firs will grow in place of nettles;they will be a monument to the Lord,a permanent reminder that will remain.


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